Root Canal

Restorative Dentistry: Root Canal Therapy - Greenville

Root Canal
Tooth decay can erode tooth structure and weaken a tooth. There are various  dental restorations that can remedy tooth decay, but if the decay penetrates into the interior structure of a tooth, it can lead to severe pain. In these cases, root canal treatment at our Greenville practice is the solution. Dr. Ronald Weaks can meet your endodontic needs, reducing pain and discomfort in the tooth and ensuring lasting dental health after the treatment is done.

About Root Canal Therapy

The root canal of a tooth refers to the hollow channels within the chamber of a tooth that contain the dental pulp and nerve tissue. Root canal therapy is performed to remove this tissue when a cavity affects the tissues within the pulp chamber.

Why Root Canals are Necessary

When the pulp within a tooth is affected by tooth decay, it can result in severe pain and sensitivity. Left untreated, the infection can spread to other structures of your mouth leading to even worse pain and dental problems. By performing a root canal, the infection is addressed quickly and the tooth structure remains generally intact.

Good Candidates for Root Canal

Good candidates for root canal therapy at our Greenville practice are people who experience severe tooth pain or tooth sensitivity. During a dental visit, Dr. Weaks will use the latest diagnostic techniques to identify if the dental pulp has been affected by decay.

The Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal
A root canal treatment at our Greenville practice is generally straightforward. The patient is usually administered anesthetic at first to minimize discomfort. The tooth and the structures surrounding the tooth are then cleaned. Next, the pulp chamber must be accessed, which will involve drilling. Once the pulp chamber has been accessed, the soft tissue and dental pulp will be removed. It's important that the chamber is cleaned of all pulp to ensure no infected material remains. The empty and cleaned pulp chamber is then filled with a safe inert material. The tooth is sealed with a dental filling or a dental crown.

Learn More About Root Canal Therapy in Greenville

A root canal is a necessary procedure to alleviate pain and to save a tooth.  Despite its reputation, it is actually generally pain-free thanks to advanced techniques and dental technology. To learn more about endodontics and root canal therapy, contact our Greenville practice for restorative dentistry today. We look forward to your visit and our discussion about your dental health.